Our People


Our People

Our carefully-selected professionals bring the expertise,
drive and commitment to the ownership, operation and development
of our portfolio and assets, ensuring we stay at the top of the industry.

  Issa Asad and Quadrant Holdings’ experienced team manages the company’s well-balanced portfolio with precision and excellence. Quadrant Holdings’ impeccable reputation is a result of the talent of its professionals and integrated award-winning technology. The company thrives under the leadership of some of the brightest minds and skilled executives of the industry. Additionally, our Founder and Senior Management team are comprised of highly regarded industry veterans who provides a diverse range of knowledge and resources for the company.


Development Team

Our development team is the core of Quadrant Holdings. They help create and manage one of the most prevalent and robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions on the market, assists in distributing technology teams, solve the challenges we face as we grow and more.


Design Team

More than just making things look good, design creates great user experiences by focusing on: clear communication, ease of use, reactivity, implementing business goals under technical constraints and more. All methods of design creates user-friendly and profitability experiences.

quadrant holding strategy

Marketing Team

The best marketing is well-thought-out and attention-grabbing storytelling. This marketing method helps people understand and remember your company.

Quadrant Holding team

Strategic Team

We utilize the High-Energy Teams Model to address the eight fundamental areas that our company’s teams must resolve in order to perform effectively.




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Quadrant Holdings is a growing telecommunications company that strives to continuously meet the increasing demand for effective solutions and quality products. Company news and events for Quadrant Holdings may be viewed here.

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