Lifeline Service Through Q Link Wireless Begins in South Carolina

October 04, 2013

Q Link Wireless has announced that South Carolina residents may now apply for a free Q Link cell phone with no-cost monthly phone service. The company is one of America’s fastest-growing providers of the Federal Lifeline Assistance program, and says that South Carolinians who participate in a government assistance program or have a household income that meets the state’s guidelines can qualify.

Also called Lifeline service, the program is incorrectly referred to as the “Free Government Phone Program” or the “Obama Phone”. Lifeline service was created in 1985 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under the Reagan Administration and initially provided qualified Americans access to landline telephone services. It was updated in 2005 under the Bush administration to also include cell phone services.

Q Link Wireless is available in many states across the country, and is rapidly expanding. Unlike some other Lifeline providers, the company supplies a mobile phone to use with the included monthly minutes. Qualified South Carolina residents can apply for this government benefit by visiting

“Our number one priority is to help South Carolinians in need,” says Issa Asad, Q Link Wireless’ Chief Executive Officer and Founder. “That is why we have chosen to pay for the cost of the phones ourselves.”

In order for South Carolina residents to receive a Q Link phone with service, they must qualify based on one of two requirements: be currently enrolled in a government assistance program or have a household income that meets the state’s poverty guidelines. Issa Asad says that Food Stamps (SNAP) and Medicaid are the most common ways South Carolina residents can qualify. “A credit check or contract is not needed for approval,” says Mr. Asad.

South Carolinians may choose from three monthly minute phone plans: 250 minutes, 125 minutes or a 68 minute “Text More” plan. Every plan includes: national calling, text messaging, voicemail, call waiting, access to emergency services and more.

Q Link Wireless is located in Dania, FL, and also provides discount prepaid phone service for their active and non-active Lifeline subscribers. Customers may purchase additional minutes beyond their free plan, or replace their current prepaid phone service with their Q Link phone.

To learn more about Q Link Wireless’ eligibility requirements, or to apply for a Q Link phone with service today, visit Q Link Wireless.


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