About Quadrant Holdings, LLC

About Quadrant Holdings, LLC


Quadrant Holdings, LLC, is a private holding company owned by Miami-based entrepreneur Issa Asad and headquartered in Dania, Florida. We are focused on creating superior long-term solutions to our customers through a unique partnership of telecommunications and technology companies in South Florida. Quadrant Holdings, LLC, is the parent company of: Q Link Wireless, LLC, also based in Dania, Florida.

Our goal is to provide outstanding solutions and quality products to our clients and customers. We believe our partnerships are the keys to our success, and offer us a strategic advantage that we call the “Pillars of Diversity”. This strategy wholly focuses on our innovation, customers and team to form a solid foundation that drives success.

Q Link Wireless, LLC, is one of the nation’s fastest-growing providers of the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program and prepaid wireless services. Q Link Wireless helps qualified people living in America obtain discounted cell phone service.

Our executive team has decades of experience in technology industries. At Quadrant Holdings, we believe our corporate structure, innovative philosophy and influential management team creates long-term value and accomplishments.

Leadership – About Issa Asad

Issa Asad

Issa Asad has been the Chief Executive Officer of Quadrant Holdings since its establishment in 2011. He is also the CEO of Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless. Before founding Quadrant Holdings, Mr. Asad owned, developed and operated several gas stations and convenience stores across New York and Florida. At the time, he was hailed an innovator and pioneer for convenience stores, and was the first owner to incorporate fast food and service into his stations. Issa also recognized prepaid phone cards’ potential and offered them in his stores. In 2000, he joined the telecommunications industry by partnering with Reliable Telecard and I-Prepay Inc. to develop a PIN electronic distribution system for prepaid phone products.

Mr. Asad has consistently delivered his companies to achieve yearly gains within a highly competitive international and domestic industry. He has led some of the nation’s esteemed telecommunications companies including Reliable Telecard, and most recently, Q Link Wireless. He has been featured in various publications, including Intele-Card News magazine, Prepaid Press newspaper, Phone Plus, Convenience Store Decisions, Convenience Store News andVending Times.

Issa is a graduate of University of Miami, where he majored in business and medicine.


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Quadrant Holdings is a growing telecommunications company that strives to continuously meet the increasing demand for effective solutions and quality products. Company news and events for Quadrant Holdings may be viewed here.

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